Made To Measure Shirts

See fabric and style options for building your perfect shirt

Made To Measure Shirts

See fabric and style options for building your perfect shirt.

Our bespoke made to measure shirts service offers a high quality standard finish.

The bespoke experience;  By Choosing a variety from about 35 different collar styles, 13 front gusset styles, 4 bottom hems styles, the pockets, 10 different back styles, 20 cuff/sleeves styles, monogram Type of stitching on edge of collar & cuffs, various options of contrasting on collar, gusset, and cuffs.
The shirt will have a label with the customer’s name or nickname!
Our prices range from between £130.00 to £150.00. plus VAT
Some of the Shirts are made in France and Germany, but also our customers could bring their own fabric and the shirt will be made at our premises by our highly qualified tailors.
procedure: from the first appointment, we help our customers choose the fabric, buttons, the style. After we proceed taking the measurements, and at the end customer will leave a 50% deposit.
Turnaround;  Normally it takes between 5 to 7 weeks. There is a flat rate of £43.00 extra for an express service in 3 weeks.

Here are some pics of our customers’ shirts.

We managed to put some of our fabrics on  a big board, and make them deattachable, so our customers can easily  match contrasting colours fortheir shirts. 

Choose the buttons 

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  • Opening times: From 9.00 am to 5.00 pm Mon – Sat.
  • Made to measure shirts vouchers are available from the store
  • Virtual appointments can be made via Facetime, Skype, watsapp. This way customers willbe able to see some fabrics.

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