There are a number of adjustments we can under take to get your trousers a slim fit, as it is the fashion at the moment. equally some customers like a classic fit too.

Here are some of the alterations and re-styling we can do:

Hem up. Normally our finish is with a kicking tape inserted.

Hem down. There is a possibility to lengthen by 1.5 inches, if more length is required we can insert some extra matching fabric to achieve an extra inch, every millimetre counts!

Sides in. sides seams can be taken from knee down, thigh down, from top to bottom, only thigh area.

Waist in/out. There around 2.5 inches that can be adjusted either in or out without spoiling the cut.

More can be done taking waist in, if required, by using side seams, without spoiling the look.

More can be done letting waist out, if required, by inserting some extra matching fabric, without spoiling the look.

Turn ups. Perhaps your existing trousers have turn ups that you are not happy with, they can be removed.