If your have purchased a suit, and the jacket or blazer fits too loose. By having it altered or re-styled, we can achieve a perfect fit:

Reducing sides to give the waist a slim fit.

Letting sides out. There is a maximum of 2 inches that can be let out, if there is enough seam allowance.

Narrowing shoulders if they feel that they drop.

Shortening sleeves from the cuffs, with the original finish. If the cuffs have working buttonholes, we can shorten the sleeves from the shoulders.

Narrowing sleeves.

Bringing hem up.

Why not save some money by bringing one of your favourite Jackets you haven’t worn for some time, and see if we can re-style it to make it look, and fit better.

Lining. Perhaps the lining has worn out, we can re-line it.

We do alter and re-style hand made Savile Raw Jackets, the cost is higher due to the time it takes to finish the job, which could take 2 o 3 times longer by hand !