Taking sides in.  We can achieve a perfect slim fit, from £33.00

Letting sides out. There is a maximum of 2 inches that can be let out, if there is enough seam allowance. From £33.00

Narrowing shoulders. if they feel  droopy. £48.00

Shortening sleeves. from the cuffs, with the original finish, from £30.00

If the cuffs have working buttonholes, we can shorten the sleeves from the shoulders. £48.00

Narrowing sleeves.  £35.00

Bringing hem up. From £32.00

Restyle. Why not save some money by bringing one of your favourite Jackets you haven’t worn for some time, and see if we can re-style it to make it look, and fit better.

Lining. Perhaps the lining has worn out, we can re-line your jacket. from £120.00 (Fabric and vat included)

Hand made. We do alter and re-style hand made Savile Row suits, Please contact us for quotes.

For full price list please visit our Alterations price list link.

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  • Opening times: From 9.30 am to 4.30 pm Mon – Sat
  • £5.00, £10.00, £50.00 vouchers available.
  • Turnaround for alterations is currently around 3 weeks. 

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